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Another Millionaire “Thief” – Don’t let this happen to you!

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I read this morning in the Buffalo News that another bookkeeper became a millionaire – for a while at least – by stealing from her company.  Here is a link to the article: http://www.buffalonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130429/CITYANDREGION/130429036/1010 In the article, several issues are raised: “Davis became the sixth person prosecuted by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office in… Read more »

To be a winner – You need to track your stats

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A key element in planning and understanding your business is measurement.  Tracking stats is as important in business as it is on the playing field.  Each month as a business owner, you get the Income Statement which is the scoreboard of profitability.  Helping your team understand how their actions impact the score requires analysis, measurement… Read more »

Treat Cash like an Entrepreneur at all Stages in a Business’ Life

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Business owners can benefit from incorporating entrepreneurial strategies at any stage of the life of their business.  Strategies such as conserving cash are always good strategies in the early stages of a business as well as later in its life.  Thinking like an entrepreneur will promote responsible thinking.  Just because resources are more abundant in… Read more »

Financial Intelligence

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Business leaders do not start their organization hoping to spend a lot of time doing accounting and finance, but rather doing what they do best, filling an unmet need or providing a great new service.  All leaders, however, need to have a high level of financial intelligence to know they are making the best possible… Read more »

Adjusting to Changing Conditions

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Business is a lot like Sports.  Warning – Don’t play like the Buffalo Bills.  When you have a business model that works, it’s easy to decide not to change anything.  Take the case of the Buffalo Bills.  In week four they entered a game with the New England Patriots in an unusual position.  They were… Read more »