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Finders, Minders and Grinders

The Top Of Paint Cans

The Finder

In small to mid-sized companies, the function of the Finder is almost always filled by an entrepreneurial CEO. It is important to understand that Finders are different from everyone else. They typically have an above-average IQ, regardless of education, have high ethical and moral business core values, are very creative, aren’t in business just for the money, and, contrary to myth, care deeply about their employees and associates although they may not openly show their feelings.…

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For the fourth consecutive year, B2B CFO© ranks among America’s fastest growing companies

Inc. 500 Logo 2010-13



Company’s Founder and CEO Jerry L. Mills to Speak at Inc. 500|5000 Conference on Exit Strategies


MESA, ARIZ. – (August 29, 2013) – B2B CFO, the leader in CFO services for mid-market companies, today announced that it was named to the 32nd annual Inc.…

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Exiting During a Tsunami?

Tsunami Hazard Zone Sign

Somewhere between 8 and 10 million small U.S. businesses owned by baby-boomers will come to market over the next ten to fifteen years. That doesn’t sound like a seller’s market to me. That is why it is also predicted that only 20% of these sellers are expected to have a successful experience.…

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What is really needed in an organization?

Pedigree Chart For Business


Most companies have similar functions.  They sell a product or service, produce the product or perform the service, and they bill for their efforts.  The money left over is profit.  It all is quite basic, and it is also common to almost any business.These basic functions, or different areas of responsibility, represent the key spaces on a typical organizational chart. 

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Entrepreneurship – Is it worth the risk?

Business Display Of Profit And Other Words

Most definitions of an entrepreneur contain the word risk. They typically will state that an entrepreneur assumes the risk of a business venture. This does not necessarily mean that the types of business ventures entrepreneurs undertake on are considered to be risky. Entrepreneurs are simply taking responsibility for the success or failure of THEIR venture.…

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