Can a consultant become part of a Company?

If you are questioning how a “part-time” B2B CFO® might fit into your culture and become a part of your Company’s fabric, consider this.  As an “outsider” I am able to bring an objective perspective to your issues.  I also can bring the collective wisdom of the numerous companies I have worked with throughout my career.  I also bring the collective wisdom of my 220 partners nationally and their 6,500 years of experience.  My 16 years as a Vistage member (formerly known as TEC) have provided me with invaluable experience.  Some have likened it to an ongoing MBA program involving real life situations in real time.  We solved many issues in various industries over the years and learned from each other as well as from the hundreds of prominent Vistage speakers I have had the pleasure of meeting.

My style is to build relationships with the employees at my clients.  I try to get to know as many of the employees as possible, not just the CEO.  I work very closely with the Controllers and the accounting teams and work to develop their skills.  I work directly with managers in preparing budgets, brainstorming their issues and developing creative strategies for the Company.  Even though I may only bill a few hours a week, or a day or so a month, my clients (management and employees) know that I am always available to them.  If they email me a question, I usually respond quickly.  I also invite them to call me on my cell phone any time.  I don’t bill for these quick questions.  I think they are part of just being their resource.

When I was a business owner, I had to look out for the best interests of my company.  I still have that philosophy as a B2B CFO®, and I bring this perspective to all my clients.  I want them all to succeed, and I truly serve in the capacity of a business adviser looking out for their best interests. So yes, THIS consultant CAN become part of a company.  I’d love to be part of yours.  With our approach to serving clients, there is little to lose in testing it out.

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