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At B2B CFO®, we believe all companies regardless of size need a Chief Financial Officer.  Now you can afford one.  We work on an as-needed basis to save you money. We bring over 6,500 years of combined experience to your fingertips.  Our firm has 219 seasoned partners who communicate daily via an extensive intranet and forum to help each other provide the best solutions to our clients.  We have the best technical bulletins and software in the industry, and national resources at our fingertips.   I personally have 35 years of experience.  Here is a link to my bio page.


Many people ask what “CFO services does a B2B CFO® provide?”  The basic answer to that question is that we provide any CFO Service that is required to help you get more cash into your business and to help you reach your long-term goals.  How do we do that?  We follow an easy to understand system called The GamePlan™.


The first step is for me to conduct a Free Discovery Analysis™, and based on my findings, I will work with you to create The Strategy GamePlan™. You can follow this process to improve your business performance.  Should you decide to work with me, then I will help you to implement the plan and enable you to take your company to higher levels.  The The GamePlan™ is a great process.  Over time I will help you to take your company towards a Successful Exit (all business owners exit their company at some time or another).


CFO Services provided within The GamePlan™

While The GamePlan™ sounds interesting, I am sometimes asked specifically what it is I will do for you within the implementation stage. Here is a list of some of our specific services that form a part of The Strategy GamePlan™.


Some of the CFO Services I can provide:



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